Colt’s first pre-season game:  Redskins vs. Colts

Interview: ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption.

Official UH ‘Heisman’ video for Colt.

Go to UH Athletics’ website.

Colt Brennan Highlights (official UH release)

Colt Brennan on ESPN’s College Gameday

Colt Brennan Returns for Senior Season at UH

Colt Brennan Leads UH over Arizona State in the Hawaii Bowl, 2006

Sports Center Preview of Colt Brennan

Colt Brennan Leads UH over Purdue, 2006

Colt Brennan Leads UH over Utah State, 2006 (ESPN)

Colt Brennan Ticket Promo Ad


8 responses to “Videos

  1. Great videos. Can you get some more for a fan that can’t get enough?

  2. thanks for the vids; watching them in New Zealand, hoping to get back for the season. Bring on as many vids as you can. I think these vids, besides being fun to watch, really help Colt’s visibility to the football world and his chances for the Heisman. Aloha

  3. gudluck to all the colt brennan thank u 4 comming back to hawaii…gudluck guyzzzzz

  4. Hey id really love to honestly see if the owner of this website can get Colt to post some blog videos on this site about his opinions on possibly playing in the NFL and just in general etc (Id dump Brady Quinn from the browns and pick this guy any day.)

  5. i tink colt should have won da hesiman!!!! and he is sooo dam hot

  6. Does anyone have any idea how I can get ahold of Colt or someone who handles his public relations?

  7. I lost all respect for the Heisman voteing system last year. I mean come on all one had to do is look at all the records Colt matched and broke to know he was the rightful winner!! As far as the Sugar Bowl if his linemen would have defended him like warriors they could have won that game!! I love you man and you can even have my Bud lite. I will be following you all the way God bless you Colt Brennan!!!

  8. Therealaaronlepkowski

    An obese dolphins fan in my English class posted on this in blog

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