Wash. Post and Wash. Times writers predict Colt on 53-man roster

With the deadline for the 53-man roster approaching, and Colt finding himself in an apparent fight for a roster spot, writers for the Washington Times and Post predict Colt will retain a spot on the roster:


Quarterbacks (3): Jason Campbell, Todd Collins and Colt Brennan Despite renewed concerns among fans in the preseason about his ability to be “The Man,” Campbell begins his third full season as a starter and one that could be his last here unless he has a career year. For the fourth straight season, Collins returns as the No. 2 quarterback. Collins, beginning his 15th season in the league, was supposed to be challenged for his job by Brennan, but it never happened. Brennan has struggled throughout camp and the preseason and has found himself in a battle for a roster spot with rookie Chase Daniel. Still, I’m sticking with Brennan.


Jason Campbell, Todd Collins and Colt Brennan. I give Brennan the slight edge over rookie Chase Daniel because he’s more familiar with the system.


2 responses to “Wash. Post and Wash. Times writers predict Colt on 53-man roster

  1. The Skins should just cut Brennan and get it over with. They have three quarterbacks already. Chase Daniel has proven throughout the preseason that he is better at moving the ball than Colt Brennan.

  2. Why Colt will not be cut:
    A) Colt Brennan had similar results as Chase Daniels last season.
    B) Chase has been said to be 5’10-5’11 not close to 6’0 at his combine
    C) The biggest reason is this, Colt Brennan brings Hawaii’s audience and all the hype and money which easily pays for his salary. Not many people would buy Chase Daniels jerseys as there are already two teams in Missouri. I think for a monetary standpoint if Chase is cut Kansas City or St. Louis will pick him up at a minimum.

    Also I think Bill Belicheck might pick up either of them up on waivers as he might think they are worth a gamble to pick up, “who wouldn’t want to play for the patriots,” which me might have figured when he saw them play and cut O’Connell.

    Chase Daniels may be better, but he has everything going against him. Hes shorter than Drew Brees and he doesnt have Michael Vicks speed and playmaking ability, both QBs are around 6’0, with Drew Probably 6’0 and Vick 5’11, funny how prison makes him now listed at 6’0. The problem is that QBs with short height rarely do well in the NFL nowdays and are a gem in the rough. If you can’t see over the 6’0 linemen expect to be picked off in the short to middle passing game down the middle.

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