Advertiser: Colt Brennan back in Hawaii, looking stronger, heavier

From a news alert on the Honolulu Advertiser:

Brennan worked out at UH earlier today.

He will be the special guest on Tuesday’s WarriorBeat Show. Show time is 11 a.m., not the normal noon time start. The show’s hosts are Stephen Tsai and Leila Wai.

Brennan, who weighed as little as 185 before NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl, now weighs about 218. He was as heavy as 225. The team wants him to report at around 212 pounds.

Brennan, who underwent hip surgery before becoming the Redskins’ sixth-round draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft and later had knee surgery, was the No. 3 quarterback for the Redskins. Behind starter Jason Campbell and veteran Todd Collins.

Having two surgeries in a year and being force-fed food, it didn’t really help out,” Brennan said.

Brennan said his knee is “getting better every week. By the time camp rolls around, I probably will have forgotten all about it.”

The Redskins signed Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel to a free-agent contract after he went undrafted in 2009. Daniel and Brennan both were Heisman Trophy finalists in 2007, the year that Florida quarterback Tim Tebow won it.

But Brennan is looking to move up on the depth chart. Brennan said if Campbell does well, “then basically I’ll be competing for the No. 2 job.”


2 responses to “Advertiser: Colt Brennan back in Hawaii, looking stronger, heavier

  1. I am from washington, d.c and I have been stranded in Hawaii for a long time. I watched Hawaii football long before colt brennan played and the Redskins alot longer than that. I dont praise Brennan. I watch football. I never once doubted that Brennan is an NFL starting quarterback and he is a very unusual one I thought he treaded close to Chris Chandelier but Brennan has bulked up so he looks more NFL worthy. He proved during his last season at UH he’s a tough gut it out guy. His talent is without question and his desire is unquestionable. In fact. I only questioned his physique. No mo’ that that. Brennan is with a good team for him. Zorn is the right coach for Brennan. Brennan could have ended up with Bill ” I eat quarterbacks for lunch” Parcells in Miami. How lucky is Colt Brennan? He’s very lucky, da bruddah. Zorn is training Brennan the right way. I figure that Colts time will be after this season because the redskins will be making a decision about Campbell this year. Colt is the perfect west coast quarterback. Ethereal accuracy and vision with qick reads. Campbell is a Gibbs guy. Great downfield quarteback. Like Farvre. The ting is, what kine passer is bossman looking for? Is Zorn thinking of running a downfield game to use Campbells strenghts or is Campbell adjusting to quick reads and accurate pssing? I think 6 games will tell. I will know in 6 games this season whether the redskins will keep campbell or colt or trade and who. I would watch miami. They have a real interest in Brennan. Oh luckt Colt to play for Parcells. Yummy Yummy. Here comes a hopeful young quarterback to destroy. If I were Brennan, I’d stick with Zorn for as long as possible. Forever if I could. If not Washington, the 49ers. Theyre begging for a quarterback and its a nice city. Seattle.. Its not like Seneca Wallace is a given there either and there is the west coast offense and the Zorn connection. I know Brennan will start and i hope he knows that as well. I watched football long enough that I know who is in and who isn’t. I knew Timmy Chang was never NFL. I didnt even believe he was Hawaii. June Jones obviously felt the pressure to play him. He wouldt run and he couldnt throw a bomb and he over threw everyone all the time. Whereas Colt blew my mind. I thought Graunke was the guy. I was amiss that Brennan got the start over Graunke. I did not understand that until I watched Brennan during his first year starting. He was amazing. The thing is, he doesn.t appear all that athletic. I try to explain this to DCites. Brennan is deceptive. He is quicker than he looks. Montana was no wonderkind athletically, but he was good enough and agile enough and had the instincts to miraculously escape what appears to be certain sacks. Brennan does the same. You can never explain this to anyone. I have watched Brennan escape like Houdini. I mean like I watch and I still couldn’t quite figure out how he escaped and still made yardage. This is what the people in Washington, D.C don’t know about yet. They don’t know that he is a quarterback machine. They are impressed by his 70% completion rating with Hawaii. Try 90% if his receivers didn’t drop so many passes. How many and how many ended up interceptions? I read Brennan misfired on a crossing pattern during practice. Therein lays his flaw. If he could get comfortable with the timing of the crossing pattern he will put up some impressive no.s. He is brilliant on vertical passes. Uncanny how he hits the endzone, but he will misfire on the crossing route. For some reason he lacks confidence in that pass. In fact, I think in the Georgia game that was a problem for him and I think the Bulldogs knew that,, Superman has a flaw. But how much of a flaw? Not much. Teams will try to make throw crossing patterns hoping for the pick. I think Zorn will figure it out for him. Getting his feet set better because its a mechanical problem. Get the mechanics right and the confidence grows. This is why Brennan is lucky to have fallen into Zorns lap. Brennan was fortunate to fall into Jones lap. How often does a troubled quarterback end up spending so much of his life being coached by great quarterback coaches. If Brennan came out a year earlier he would have spent a year with Gibbs, another qb guru. Brennan just couldn’t lose(except money). But I think he’ll be alright there. After this season will get a pretty good idea of his value. This is why this preseason should be a good one for him. A Matt Cassell without Tom Brady deal. England.

  2. What a waste of words. Colt flopped in the NFL, UFL and CFL and is now a drug addicted alcoholic in Hawaii. Lol. Looking back, you sounded so freakin stupid.

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