Colt at minicamp

Picture threads:

Audio interview of Colt.

And here’s a post from the Hawaii forum from a Redskins blogger:

Colt will be given zero chance of beating out Campbell. The Skins have too much invested in JC and they need to see what he can do  in his contract year. In addition, you can’t find anyone in the Redskins organization who thinks that Brennan is ready to be a full-time NFL starting QB.

If Campbell lights it up he’ll be given a new, long-term deal and Brennan will be the backup and his NFL future as a starter will be on hold and probably will be elsewhere.

But if Campbell plays like he did in the latter part of ’08, the door will be wide open for Colt.

Rich Tandler
Real Redskins

All true.  Campbell is the starter, Colt is the backup.  The preseason won’t change that (unless there’s an injury).  What will change is whether or not the Skins win.  As has been indicated during the Skins draft prep — during which they clearly indicated they do not have confidence in Campbell by trying to acquire Sanchez and Cutler — Campbell is on a tight leash.  If there are struggles during the season, expect Colt to get a look.


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