Colt on IR — out for season

Unfortunately, not really surprising news ….

The Washington Redskins say they’ve decided to put quarterback Colt Brennan on injured reserve with a hamstring injury, ruling him out for the season.

The team reported on its Web site Saturday that Brennan aggravated a nagging hamstring problem during Thursday night’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Brennan and Chase Daniel spent the preseason battling for the third-string job.

Still, Daniel will not make the 53-man roster and is unlikely to be a practice squad candidate, a team source told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

The Redskins plan to carry just 2 quarterbacks on the 53-man roster — Jason Campbell and Todd Collins.

With the news that the Skins are behind Campbell, and Collins is the backup plan should he falter, it seemed unlikely that Colt would have seen any significant playing time (at least in the first half of the season — if things faltered, who knows?).


Wash. Post and Wash. Times writers predict Colt on 53-man roster

With the deadline for the 53-man roster approaching, and Colt finding himself in an apparent fight for a roster spot, writers for the Washington Times and Post predict Colt will retain a spot on the roster:


Quarterbacks (3): Jason Campbell, Todd Collins and Colt Brennan Despite renewed concerns among fans in the preseason about his ability to be “The Man,” Campbell begins his third full season as a starter and one that could be his last here unless he has a career year. For the fourth straight season, Collins returns as the No. 2 quarterback. Collins, beginning his 15th season in the league, was supposed to be challenged for his job by Brennan, but it never happened. Brennan has struggled throughout camp and the preseason and has found himself in a battle for a roster spot with rookie Chase Daniel. Still, I’m sticking with Brennan.


Jason Campbell, Todd Collins and Colt Brennan. I give Brennan the slight edge over rookie Chase Daniel because he’s more familiar with the system.

ESPN’s Clayton: Colt the “next Cassel”?

ESPN’s John Clayton writes that the “best guess” for the next Matt Cassel is “is Brett Ratliff of the Cleveland Browns, nudging out Matt Moore of the Panthers and possibly Colt Brennan of the Redskins … Finding the next Cassel is a guessing game. In Carolina, the Panthers believe they are developing another Tony Romo in Moore. Brennan has shown a flair for moving the football in his time on the field during the preseason.”

Colt: Hawaii’s #1 sports figure in state history

Not too much of a surprise, Colt tops the Honolulu Advertiser’s list of the 50 greatest sports figures in Hawaii statehood (1959 on) history.

WPost: Redskins’ Colt Brennan waiting for his opportunity

Advertiser: Colt Brennan back in Hawaii, looking stronger, heavier

From a news alert on the Honolulu Advertiser:

Brennan worked out at UH earlier today.

He will be the special guest on Tuesday’s WarriorBeat Show. Show time is 11 a.m., not the normal noon time start. The show’s hosts are Stephen Tsai and Leila Wai.

Brennan, who weighed as little as 185 before NFL scouts at the Senior Bowl, now weighs about 218. He was as heavy as 225. The team wants him to report at around 212 pounds.

Brennan, who underwent hip surgery before becoming the Redskins’ sixth-round draft pick in the 2008 NFL draft and later had knee surgery, was the No. 3 quarterback for the Redskins. Behind starter Jason Campbell and veteran Todd Collins.

Having two surgeries in a year and being force-fed food, it didn’t really help out,” Brennan said.

Brennan said his knee is “getting better every week. By the time camp rolls around, I probably will have forgotten all about it.”

The Redskins signed Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel to a free-agent contract after he went undrafted in 2009. Daniel and Brennan both were Heisman Trophy finalists in 2007, the year that Florida quarterback Tim Tebow won it.

But Brennan is looking to move up on the depth chart. Brennan said if Campbell does well, “then basically I’ll be competing for the No. 2 job.”

Zorn and Colt discuss Colt

From the Washington Times:

Neither Todd Collins nor Colt Brennan threw a pass for the Washington Redskins last season. That’s the plan again this season as long as starting quarterback Jason Campbell stays healthy.

But that doesn’t mean the Redskins’ failed attempts last month to replace Campbell with Jay Cutler or Mark Sanchez didn’t affect the two backups.

Collins, a 37-year-old with a year left on his contract, and Brennan, a 25-year-old drafted in the sixth round last year, can’t help but wonder what management’s lack of faith in Campbell means for them.

If Campbell, whose contract expires next winter, doesn’t return, either Collins or Brennan would be the early favorite to start in 2010 given a lack of quality free agents and how few rookie passers are ready to be NFL regulars.

“[Cutler has] already played for a couple of years, and they would have committed a lot [of money] to him,” Brennan said. “It was going to set me back. I know Mark; we grew up in Orange County together. Even if they gave him a big check, I have a year in this offense under my belt, and we would’ve competed. If anything, you can look at it as a positive and have it push you that much more.”

An afterthought for a decade until he replaced the injured Campbell in December 2007 and led the Redskins to the playoffs, Collins took a more businesslike approach to this situation.

“Obviously it was harder on Jason, but you do think, ‘Where do I fit in?,’ ” Collins said. “But I’ve kind of learned not to worry too much until something happens. I’m in a lot better condition than I was last year, when I had some nagging stuff in my shoulder. … And it’s so much better in the second year in [coach Jim Zorn’s West Coast] offense, seeing the big picture and how everything fits.”

Zorn confirmed that Collins still holds the No. 2 job, but third-stringer Brennan played well in the preseason last year and is looking to make bigger strides this season.

“I can already feel this gigantic difference from the quarterback I was out here last year to the quarterback I am now,” Brennan said. “Not only because I’m healthy but because I’m so much more confident with not only the playbook but the people around me, the coaches and the whole environment. This time last year, I was four or five months after hip surgery. Instead of being 225 pounds and not that mobile, I’m 214 and a much more active quarterback.”

Collins said he wants to play “as long as I can still make the plays,” but he’s on the downside of his career. Brennan is all upside.

“Todd has been working out religiously. He [has embraced] the offense with full passion, and I’m going to get him some time in preseason, but I want to see Colt more,” Zorn said. “I’m still working on his feet. He wants to prance. I tell him, ‘Quit acting like a coyote in a snowfield: Just drive, set, step and throw.’ He’s learning. I’m looking for him to really step up and take charge. He’s taking little steps, but he’s not ready yet.”

Brennan also throws many of his passes sidearm, an approach that works for him but one that Zorn doesn’t think can be effective on certain throws.

“What Coach has really done is try to slowly make it a little bit more orthodox, but he hasn’t taken away what I’m really confident about, and that’s getting the ball from point A to point B,” Brennan said. “Last year I was put to the test: ‘Is this kid an NFL quarterback?’ I think I passed that test. This year, it’s up to me to prove I can move up the depth chart and build towards a future where I can hopefully be a starting quarterback in the NFL.”